Packaging containers for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Dijkstra Plastics produces packaging containers for the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of purposes, such as storage and transport of medicines in bulk (and semi-finished products) or the removal of medical waste.

With many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dijkstra Plastics knows which requirements packaging must meet. Some of our clients have branches across the globe. This means that the packaging must comply not only with European laws and regulations, but with requirements set anywhere else in the world. Dijkstra Plastics answers your questions and offers a high-quality solution for every volume and purpose.

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UN certification is a quality mark issued by the UN Committee on the Transport of Dangerous Goods which fall within the ADR Regulation. Dijkstra Plastics offers various packaging, from 3 to 60 liters of packaging, with this label for internationally recognized safety rules drawn up for packaging. The EC-UN and ECS-UN series provide the assurance that the strict UN standards for this class of solids and granules are met.

Dijkstra Plastics supplies a wide range of high-quality plastic containers, optionally fitted with safe screw lids and, if necessary, UN-certified for the transport of hazardous substances. The Premium Lids are extra strong and can therefore carry heavy loads. Buckets from the EC and ECS series are fitted with Premium Lids and remain securely sealed even under demanding conditions.

The shape of the bucket can be a determining factor in terms of ease of use, logistical costs or attention value. You can choose from a large range of round, square or rectangular buckets of all feasible volumes. By applying different types of carrying handles and lids, we offer every possible solution to your packaging needs.

Random examples from the market

Reinventing a custom solution

Hewitex develops and manufactures non-woven cleaning cloths for the professional, industrial and consumer market. As they put it: “Hewitex makes cleaning wipes that people like to work with”. In addition to the traditional dry cloths (which are available in different qualities), Hewitex also produces damp and wet cleaning cloths, ready for use immediately.
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Random examples from the market

Reverse IML: The perfect solution for Frylite

Frylite is the leading supplier for quality frying oils in Ireland. For more than thirty years, they have been supplying customers across the country with a range of different cooking oils as well as collecting used waste oil. In order to do this, Frylite re-use Dijkstra Plastic packaging buckets. Clients return used oil to Frylite in the buckets, allowing Frylite to clean, refill and send out the same bucket up to five times.
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Random examples from the market

Paint buckets made from 100% Post Consumer Recyclate

Koninklijke Van Wijhe Verf is an independent Dutch family business that has been producing paints successfully since 1916. With over a century of experience under their belt, innovation is one of the core values of this company. Traditional craftsmanship is combined with the latest techniques and insights. Wijzonol is one of the paint brands developed by them, allowing professional painters and critical DIYers to deliver a sustainable and professional finish that will withstand typical Dutch weather circumstances.
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Random examples from the market

Sustainability made pretty

Kekkilä Oy has been active in the fertiliser market since 1924. The Finnish company, which merged with Dutch BVB Substrates in 2018, supplies a wide range of peat and fertilisers for both the professional market and for consumers.
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