Buckets with dispenser insert

Hewitex develops and manufactures non-woven cleaning cloths for the professional, industrial and consumer market. As they put it: “Hewitex makes cleaning wipes that people like to work with”. In addition to the traditional dry cloths (which are available in different qualities), Hewitex also produces damp and wet cleaning cloths, ready for use immediately.

Dijkstra Plastics’ new dispenser caps for wet wipes and hygiene wipes prove their worth more than ever in these challenging times. A simple and effective dispenser that fulfils the many requirements of the users. The road to this new, improved dispenser solution for wipes and hygiene wipes was one that was gone together with Hewitex.


Hewitex has been buying buckets from HK Plastics for quite some time to pack cleaning cloths. The moulds being used for these dispenser inserts, were at age and no longer optimal. This was also apparent after a number of deliveries that did not bring the desired result. For example, the wet cleaning cloths dried out too quick and the cloth did not tear off properly at the perforation. Also, there was not enough space in the dispenser to store the first cloth.

Diana de Kreij, owner of Hewitex Nederland BV, had some clear ideas about what the perfect packaging for storing and dispensing cleaning cloths should look like.

In consultation with Hewitex, during a brainstorming session various solution were discussed. Above all, a solution had to be found to prevent dehydration of the first cloth in the dispenser. A small tub for cheese spreads from famous cheese brand ERU played the key role in solving this problem. By developing a square insert (in the shape of the tub), more space was created to fold back the cloth that sticks out of the insert. The square container could then be closed airtight again to prevent dehydration of the wipes.

Based on this tub, the inserts have been designed and developed into the current shape. The input and feedback from Hewitex were of great value for the various modifications to the design. Through arious test products, small issues were solved and this new design could be put into production at Dijkstra Plastics.

This solution unites all the features in one design, which are important for the users of all kind of wet and hygienic wipes:

  • Easy opening and closing.
  • Clamping the wipes in the dispenser to allow them to tear off the roll properly.
  • The ability to fold the rolled-out wipes into the dispenser compartment, which is then closed easily and properly.

A variety of wipes are also considered to be used. Therefore, two different inserts are designed to allow both thicker and thinner wipes to settle or tear off the roll.

The beauty of the design is also that the dispenser inserts can be placed in any lid of sufficient size. From the smallest to the largest rolls can therefore be used in combination with these dispenser inserts.

Dijkstra Plastics has also invested in sufficient production capacity to meet the demand for these dispensers.

"Together with Dijkstra Plastics, we have developed the perfect packaging for our cleaning cloths. This helps to deliver to our customers the cloths they like to work with!"

Diana de Kreij,,
Hewitex Netherlands BV

This bucket has helped Hewitex:


2.5 VK

Material PP
To shape Square
Warranty closure
IML Printing
Net volume 2,74 liter
Height 166 mm
Size 160 mm
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