Brand experience on your packaging: corporate identity reintegration.

Frylite is the leading supplier for quality frying oils in Ireland. For more than thirty years, they have been supplying customers across the country with a range of different cooking oils as well as collecting used waste oil.

In order to do this, Frylite re-use Dijkstra Plastic packaging buckets. Clients return used oil to Frylite in the buckets, allowing Frylite to clean, refill and send out the same bucket up to five times.


Frylite originally used self-adhesive labels on the containers but all the manual handling and transport took a toll on the labels. Dijkstra Plastics, together with Corcoran Products (partner for the Irish market), were asked to find a solution to make the brand labelling for Frylite truly represent the quality they deliver.

Together with the supplier of the labels, the concept of Reverse IML labels was developed. With Reverse IML Labelling, the printing is placed between the IML packaging and a thin polypropylene film. Due to this process, which allows to wash and reuse the buckets time and again, no signs of the multi-colour image show fading. This helped Frylite to meet the customers expectations of excellent standards, before the buckets are finally due to be recycled.

“We could see that Dijkstra Plastics, together with her partners, understood exactly what we needed the labels to do. They were as committed to perfecting the process as we were.”

Aoife Doherty,
Quality Manager at Frylite

This bucket has helped Frylite:


20.0 ECP

Material PP
To shape Round
Warranty closure
IML Printing
Net volume 10,55 liter
Height 256 mm
Size 273 mm
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