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“Make an impression with a bucket from Dijkstra Plastics. The possibilities are endless.”

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Personalize your buckets

Our plastic buckets can be personalized in various ways. Think of IML printing, plastic or metal handles, different colors and more. Click on the yellow plus signs in the image for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or telephone.

Are you looking for lightweight or extra solid lids? Perhaps you are planning to seal your product? Per type of bucket we offer different types of lids. This is clearly indicated per product on our data sheets. Special lids such as an opening version or an industry-specific model are also possible. Please contact our sales department for this.
Warranty closure
A warranty closure shows whether a package has been opened before or not. The warranty closure is designed in such a way that it remains attached to the bucket and therefore does not fall into the bucket after opening. Our data sheets indicate per product whether a warranty closure is included. Some models offer both options. Please contact our sales department for this.
A specific type of handle can be chosen not only from a practical, but also from an aesthetic point of view. Our data sheets indicate for each product which types of handles are possible.
IML printing
With IML printing, any design can be easily merged with the bucket in a scratch-resistant and realistic manner. IML offers a wide choice of styles and variations. For more information, please contact our sales department.

Our buckets are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP). However, many of our models can be produced from 100% recycled raw materials as well. In this way you choose the most sustainable option! Important note: buckets made from recycled raw materials are only applicable for the non-food industry.
Packaging that fits your corporate identity can boost your distinctiveness compared to your competition. Both buckets and lids can be produced in color. Colored handles are also possible.

Do you have a question regarding the customisation of our buckets?

BRC Packaging

BRCGS is a standard for food safety. The standard describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for food processing companies that supply directly to the retail sector. You can also think of packaging materials for foodstuffs.

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FSSC 22000

The FSSC 22000 Standard has been created through Stichting Certificatie Voedselveiligheid (SCV). As a food-oriented version of the ISO 22000 Standard, this certification programme has been set up as a global guideline in food safety and quality within various industries. This standard is aimed at the entire production chain and as such, it is ideally suited for international harmonisation, partly thanks to the recognition by the GFSI. In addition to its connection with ISO 22000, the FSSC 22000 has many comparisons with the HACCP criteria, making it an attractive variant with the best of both worlds from these programmes. Thanks to the internationally accepted nature of the FSSC and the chain-wide approach within this certification programme, we recognise a strong food safety management system in this standard.

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