From waste to wonder with packaging made from recycled plastic.

Kekkilä Oy has been active in the fertiliser market since 1924. The Finnish company, which merged with Dutch BVB Substrates in 2018, supplies a wide range of peat and fertilisers for both the professional market and for consumers.

Kekkilä treats natural resources, society and people in a responsible manner. Sustainability is interwoven throughout its corporate culture.

Acting for its Swedish sister company Hasselfors Garden, Kekkilä wanted to market a series of 100% organic fertilisers for consumers. Organic fertiliser should naturally be contained in packaging with zero environmental impact, or at least as little as possible. Dijkstra Plastics was asked for its input in this process. The objective was to develop an environmentally-friendly bucket, the quality of which would not be inferior to a bucket made of virgin material.

In close collaboration with a number of leading parties in the world of plastic recycling, Dijkstra Plastics has come up with a series of PCR colours of which a consistent quality is guaranteed. The PCR materials that Dijkstra Plastics uses for the production of packaging buckets all meet specific requirements in terms of impact resistance, odour, availability, etc. Kekkilä has opted for a series of square cappuccino-coloured buckets in combination with an IML label in paper-look motif. A beautiful result! Both the bucket, lid and carrying handle are made from 100% recycled material. With the use of PCR material, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 90%. And the empty bucket can, of course, be used for other applications before it is recycled again. With this, Kekkilä contributes to promoting a circular economy.

"A great example of how a collaboration with the customer can result in a sustainable yet beautiful solution for the product and environment"

Joram Knol,
IML & Graphic Design

This bucket has helped Kekkilä:


2.5 VKP

Material PCR
To shape Square
Warranty closure
IML Printing
Net volume 10,55 liter
Height 256 mm
Size 273 mm
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