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Marcel Slinkman,
Specialist food & pharma

When packaging foodstuffs, everything must be perfect. Foods require specific packaging to ensure safe and efficient transport, as well as ease of use for users. Dijkstra Plastics offers lightweight food packaging that meets the strictest quality requirements and that is standard fitted with a tamper-evidence enclosure. All our packaging buckets for the food industry are tailored to the wishes and requirements of users. For fresh foods such as salads, olives, fish and ice, we offer round, square and rectangular trays and containers varying in capacity from 0.5 to 25 litres.

Thanks to the high-quality In-Mould Labelling (IML) technology, we give every packaging the ultimate attention value. Large volume buckets are available for the professional market. The Basic & Food series, ECM series, ECF series and GL series are a series of lightweight containers that can be perfectly stacked. These series have been specifically developed for the food industry, in which weight, quality and efficiency are of great importance.

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To pack fresh products air- and leak-proof, Dijkstra Plastics supplies buckets that can be sealed with sealing film. They are then sealed with a special seal lid. A seal lid is available for most varieties of packaging buckets.

All packaging comes with a strong handle, an easy-to-open lid and a tamper-evidence enclosure. This special enclosure instantly reveals whether or not the packaging was opened before. The tamper-evidence enclosure is designed in such a way that it remains attached to the bucket and  does not fall into the bucket after opening.

Giving packaging the appearance that showcases your company is important to distinguish your product in the market. Both bucket and lid can be made in the colour of your choice. And thanks to high-quality In-Mould Labelling (IML) technology, we give every packaging the ultimate attention value. In addition to photo-realistic printing, many applications and variations are possible.

Random examples from the market

Lightweight popcorn buckets

Jimmy Products is a modern family business that is dedicated to the development and production of Jimmy’s popcorn. They operate ultra-modern production lines for ready-to-eat and microwave popcorn. They are used for the daily production of a first-class quality product intended for consumers of all age groups, with a focus on cinema lovers. In addition to quality, Jimmy’s is fully committed to sustainability. Jimmy’s sells its products through supermarket chains, cinemas, amusement parks and various wholesale chains in more than 20 countries. The company has been buying its buckets for popcorn filling from Dijkstra Plastics for quite some time now. These buckets are fitted with striking full-colour IML designs.
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Random examples from the market

Reverse IML: The perfect solution for Frylite

Frylite is the leading supplier for quality frying oils in Ireland. For more than thirty years, they have been supplying customers across the country with a range of different cooking oils as well as collecting used waste oil. In order to do this, Frylite re-use Dijkstra Plastic packaging buckets. Clients return used oil to Frylite in the buckets, allowing Frylite to clean, refill and send out the same bucket up to five times.
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Random examples from the market

Brand perception on your packaging: reintegration of corporate identity

Fokken & Müller GmbH has been processing their renowned Emder Matjes in all shapes and sizes for over 120 years now. Here, quality is still written with a capital “Q”. The same high quality standard is also demanded of the packaging. The recently changed corporate identity of Fokken & Müller GmbH has been introduced on the complete range of packaging buckets and trays from Dijkstra Plastics.
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