Since its inception, Dijkstra Plastics has been using 100% recyclable polypropylene. But with the increasing need for sustainability and circularity, more is needed. Not only must the raw material be recyclable, but it must also be used reused or recycled!

And we like to actively work and think about this in the chain of the (plastic) packaging industry. We do this through, among other things, the Plastic Pact NL and the European Plastics Pact. To use recycled material more widely, we are happy to inform you about the possibilities. Many of our packaging is already available in recycled plastic. Due to the properties of this material, this can currently be used in almost any application in which food safety is not a factor. So that’s in the non-food market. The sustainable solution you are looking for is already closer than you think!

If necessary, we are happy to start a test process in which we look at which factors need extra attention. Guaranteeing our standard of quality and keeping our climate at the forefront. In this way, we like to contribute to a sustainable environment as well as to our sustainable relationships.

Because this recycled material has been used by us for years, we are familiar with its properties and applications. And if a new situation arises, we are happy to look at this so that these sustainable solutions made of recycled plastic are used more and more widely. In this way, we ensure that sustainable relationships grow into solutions that are good for the market and the environment.

Recycled material

PCR (Post Consumer Resin) is polypropylene made from used plastic packaging material from European consumers and businesses. This material was collected after use through existing waste and collection systems. After this collection, this flow is further processed into polypropylene granules at recycling companies by sorting, separating and washing. We can use these recycled granules again in our production processes. In this way, we increase our impact on the world of packaging while reducing the impact of our packaging on the world!

PCR material is plastic waste that is mechanically separated and sorted by colour. As a result, the available colors are limited. For example, we offer 3 standard colors of gray. Other colours are also possible with larger purchases about which we would like to tell you more.


Due to the growing experience with this type of material, the material properties are continuously improved.  As with virgin polypropylene, the raw material is supplied according to pre-agreed specifications. Not only the color but also the power of the material is predetermined. Because PP is available in different variants, such as stronger UN material or more flexible frozen material, recycled material always becomes a mix of these variants. At the moment, the available PCR is not always as suitable as a bracket or lid. To ensure that we use as much recycled material as possible without loss of quality, the buckets of 100% PCR are made, but the brackets and lids are not yet available. However, these are available in the same color as the PCR buckets.





  • 100% recycled plastic waste as a raw material
  • Up to 90% less CO2 emissions compared to the bucket produced from virgin material.
  • Not dependent on raw material price ICIS
  • Fully personalized through In Mould Labelling


Check out our PCR range here. Can’t find what you need or looking for something special? Feel free to contact us for the endless possibilities of PCR!


News 16-02-2023

BRCGS certification renewed again

In the autumn of 2022, the audit for the BRCGS certification took place at Dijkstra Plastics. BRCGS is a standard for food safety. This standard describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for food processing companies that supply directly to the retail sector.

News 18-12-2022

Dijkstra Plastics & FIRE-OFF star together in new Christmas film

Believe in yourself and make it happen! Great words to end 2022 with. Together we are looking forward to a successful 2023, full of new development and collaboration. We wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


FIRE-OFF: our new start-up for circular plastic production

We are proud to announce that we have started a new start-up to make the production of recycled plastic buckets circular: FIRE-OFF. On the initiative of Dijkstra Plastics, painting companies, the hospitality industry and festival organisations are personally approached to save empty buckets and to hand them in at the weekly FIRE-OFF pick-up point.

Events 24-08-2022

Exhibitions: Fachpack & Scanpack

Dijkstra Plastics exhibits at FachPack and Scanpack! ?

At Dijkstra Plastics we undertake daily efforts in order to turn the plastic packaging chain into a circular chain. We would like to share our solutions for sustainable packaging buckets and our circular mission with you. Furthermore, we would like to discuss what your company could do to contribute to a circular plastic packaging chain. At the FachPack and Scanpack we will tell you more about it!

News 15-06-2022

Plastic bottle caps are worth money!

We have donated buckets for the Oogappeltjes Foundation and KNGF Guide Dog Foundation. These buckets are placed in supermarkets, and customers can fill them with their plastic bottle caps. KNGF receives a fee per kilo of caps. We truly enjoy contributing to such a wonderful initiative!

Events 14-04-2022

Dijkstra Plastics is celebrating its 45th birthday!

Today – Thursday 14 April 2022 - Dijkstra Plastics is celebrating its 45th birthday! And that’s something we are proud of!

News 14-12-2021

Watch the Christmas video of 2021!

Whatever the new year may bring, we will continue to give it our all, together! We wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2022!

Events 14-10-2021

Packaging Innovations 2021

The Packaging Innovations will take place on the 17th and 18th of November in the Taets Art & Event Park, Amsterdam. After missing out on meeting with you, due to the corona pandemic we look forward meeting you at this fair! After participating at the Kunststoffenbeurs we gladly see you at our stand D117 at the Packaging Innovations.

Events 24-09-2021

Test Centre: Trailer

We will be uploading a new series of video’s. The first episode is about ready and will soon be available. Keep an eye on our channel and socials!

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