The art of packaging

Laboratories, catering, hardware stores and many other customers are already familiar with our packaging. From small to large packaging is produced in white, transparent or in a desired color. In addition, recycled raw materials are increasingly popular for non-food applications. Besides the possibilities with the material, we can provide a bucket with various handles! Different types of lids are also available for many models.

How does injection molding work?

All these different possibilities depend partly on the moulds we have made. We are happy to give you an explanation about the process of injection molding plastic products. In injection moulding, polypropylene plastic granules are heated in a tube in large machines. In this tube, a screw turns the ever-warming plastic towards the mould. Once at the front of the screw, the plastic has melted and enters the mould through a small injection point. This mould consists of two parts containing a space in which the plastic is injected. This open space is the product that is produced. With considerable force, the exact amount of plastic is quickly injected into the mould and then quickly cooled down again in the machine.

The machine then opens the two parts of the mould, after which the product is removed from the machine by a robotic arm. It is stacked on a conveyor belt and then placed on a pallet.

Adjustments to the process

At Dijkstra Plastics we have our own mould factory and we have the necessary expertise for maintenance and new developments in the field of moulds.

To adjust or even make a complete mould, there are considerable costs involved but we like to think along to see what is possible. In addition to adjustments in a mould, smaller adjustments to the process are also possible that can help to make a packaging fit you. In our wide range we have various packaging available. To give these packaging some extras, you can choose IML and/or your own color. Because there are still remnants of the previous product in the screw, a color change is not just done. When switching from recycled material to ordinary material, even the entire machine is emptied so that we can guarantee food safety! As a result, products in color or recycled material cannot be delivered directly per pallet. Because of our own efficiency and waste of plastic, we therefore plan this as well as possible. Because these steps also help to reduce plastic waste.


The cost of packaging depends on various factors. Because a mould can have several cavities for products, several packaging (or parts) can be made at the same time. In addition to the manufacturing costs, there are costs for the plastic itself. These are tracked in a global index called ICIS (Independant Commodity Intelligence Services). We use this index as the basis for our sales prices.



Check out our full range here. Can’t find what you need or looking for something special? Feel free to contact us for the endless possibilities of injection moulding!


News 16-02-2023

BRCGS certification renewed again

In the autumn of 2022, the audit for the BRCGS certification took place at Dijkstra Plastics. BRCGS is a standard for food safety. This standard describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for food processing companies that supply directly to the retail sector.

News 18-12-2022

Dijkstra Plastics & FIRE-OFF star together in new Christmas film

Believe in yourself and make it happen! Great words to end 2022 with. Together we are looking forward to a successful 2023, full of new development and collaboration. We wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


FIRE-OFF: our new start-up for circular plastic production

We are proud to announce that we have started a new start-up to make the production of recycled plastic buckets circular: FIRE-OFF. On the initiative of Dijkstra Plastics, painting companies, the hospitality industry and festival organisations are personally approached to save empty buckets and to hand them in at the weekly FIRE-OFF pick-up point.

Events 24-08-2022

Exhibitions: Fachpack & Scanpack

Dijkstra Plastics exhibits at FachPack and Scanpack! ?

At Dijkstra Plastics we undertake daily efforts in order to turn the plastic packaging chain into a circular chain. We would like to share our solutions for sustainable packaging buckets and our circular mission with you. Furthermore, we would like to discuss what your company could do to contribute to a circular plastic packaging chain. At the FachPack and Scanpack we will tell you more about it!

News 15-06-2022

Plastic bottle caps are worth money!

We have donated buckets for the Oogappeltjes Foundation and KNGF Guide Dog Foundation. These buckets are placed in supermarkets, and customers can fill them with their plastic bottle caps. KNGF receives a fee per kilo of caps. We truly enjoy contributing to such a wonderful initiative!

Events 14-04-2022

Dijkstra Plastics is celebrating its 45th birthday!

Today – Thursday 14 April 2022 - Dijkstra Plastics is celebrating its 45th birthday! And that’s something we are proud of!

News 14-12-2021

Watch the Christmas video of 2021!

Whatever the new year may bring, we will continue to give it our all, together! We wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2022!

Events 14-10-2021

Packaging Innovations 2021

The Packaging Innovations will take place on the 17th and 18th of November in the Taets Art & Event Park, Amsterdam. After missing out on meeting with you, due to the corona pandemic we look forward meeting you at this fair! After participating at the Kunststoffenbeurs we gladly see you at our stand D117 at the Packaging Innovations.

Events 24-09-2021

Test Centre: Trailer

We will be uploading a new series of video’s. The first episode is about ready and will soon be available. Keep an eye on our channel and socials!

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