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Dijkstra Plastics is een toonaangevende onderneming op het gebied van hoogwaardige verpakkingsproducten. Wij ontwikkelen en produceren een breed assortiment aan kunststof verpakkingsoplossingen. Onze klanten bevinden zich hoofdzakelijk in de verf-, voedingsmiddelen-, chemische en farmaceutische sectoren. Jaarlijks worden circa 140 miljoen kunststof verpakkingen volgens de hoogste (internationale) kwaliteitsstandaarden geproduceerd. Wij beschikken dan ook over gerenommeerde accreditaties op het gebied van veiligheid, hygiëne en kwaliteit.

In Haaksbergen en Almelo staan twee ultramoderne productiefaciliteiten. Ons opgeleid en gekwalificeerd team zorgt voor continuïteit alsmede voortreffelijke resultaten. Onze bedrijfscultuur kenmerkt zich door openheid en grote betrokkenheid. Om als speler in de internationale verpakkingsindustrie te kunnen blijven concurreren investeren wij continue in de optimalisatie van onze bedrijfsprocessen, nieuwe technologieën en de infrastructurele groei van onze onderneming.

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CAD technical drawer

“As a CAD technical drawer, I’m part of a team that designs the products and associated moulds. In addition to developing new moulds, we’re also working on repairs and improving the work process. The positive working atmosphere and variety keep the job both fun and interesting.”


Assistant Technical Manager

“As the assistant technical manager, I support the technical manager in maintaining the machinery and managing the technical staff. In short, the technical manager and I make sure that the machines continue to produce and that we complete the orders on time. I work together with all departments within Dijkstra Plastics. It’s a very flexible job. Exactly what I was looking for after my studies (Industrial Engineering and Management)!”


Production worker

“As a driver of your own product, you’re probably even more motivated to maintaining quality. It keeps you on your toes and it’s therefore very rewarding to see satisfied customers.”


Account Manager

“As an account manager, I maintain daily contact with parties ranging from sole traders and starting entrepreneurs to multinationals throughout Europe, each with their own packaging challenge. It’s up to us to provide the customer with the best possible guidance in order to reach the perfect solution together. That makes working at Dijkstra Plastics challenging and versatile


Truck driver

“I’m one of Dijkstra Plastics’ truck drivers. The fun part about this job is the positive and pleasant contact you have with the customers and working with some fantastic equipment that’s more or less yours and yours alone.”


Logistics worker

“Each day is a new challenge to run a warehouse of 4,500 pallet places. That’s the great thing about this work, you never know exactly what you will receive and what will go out. So each day is like a surprise to me. And that’s the beauty of this job, it’s never boring.”

Young Dijkstra

Come and strengthen
the Young Dijkstra

Young Dijkstra was introduced to reinforce the advancing nature of Dijkstra. This group of young employees periodically meets to take a fresh look at working methods, internal processes and other business processes. Daily processes are discussed, annoyances expressed and victories celebrated.

With the veterans on the shop floor, we look at why processes are running the way they are and what needs to be improved or retained. This is not about

the change that Young Dijkstra brings about, but about submitting business processes to a critical review, throughout the company. The Young Dijkstra team focuses on using the shop floor as a sounding board, in order to gain knowledge and create awareness among Young Dijkstra and the other parties involved. The Young Dijkstra team is made up of a combination of technical, financial, commercial and other backgrounds. As a result, solutions from a department or group enjoy wider support, creating greater overall involvement in the process.

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