A new way of packing

Perfectly packed and stacked high-end grinding discs. At Dijkstra Plastics we always look at the perfect packaging solutions for our customers and the product to be packed is being put in the spotlight. Why? Because we value finding the ultimate mix and added value between protection, ease of use and perfect appearance.

Dijkstra Plastics supplies Saint-Gobain Abrasives stable packaging that meets the full range of requirements. With our products, we offer Flexovit the optimal protection in combination with an easy-to-open and re-sealable lid and that with a contemporary look.



Reinventing a suitable packaging for grinding discs is central. A product in which the appearance of the packaging has become an absolute added value for the market. The current cardboard packaging was a standard in the market. Although opening the packaging with gloves on is difficult and quickly damaged during use and transport, it was used frequently. Also, the wet and humid conditions under which these products have to perform required full attention. The question of how a packaging can fit all the requirements was resolved by a good cooperation between Dijkstra Plastics and Saint Gobain Abrasives.


Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ high-quality products deserve good protection during storage, transport and use. A solid moisture-resistant packaging that can withstand a bump is therefore a requirement for a product that is used in a harsh environment. The perfect fit keeps the grinding discs in optimal condition. Flexovit and Norton’s crushing and cutting discs are packed in a packaging container with warranty closure to ensure factory quality and prevent counterfeiting.



The packaging of Flexovit and Norton is in the service of the (end) user. A handy and safe packaging that is easily recognizable and easy to open and close. In the case of grinding and sharpening discs, it is essential that they can be grabbed from the packaging with a glove on.



“It’s the inside that counts, but it’s the outside that sells”. A quote that is regularly used by Dijkstra Plastics, but which in this case is very nicely applied to the packaging lines of Saint-Gobain Abrasives. The packaging exudes the high quality of the products and offers a perfect and coloured IML label with a striking differentiation on the shelf. Moreover, the packaging for Saint Gobain is made from already recycled plastic, which keeps the appearance unchanged but still represents a big change.

"Saint-Gobain Abrasives and Dijkstra Plastics show that passion for product and packaging go hand in hand."

André te Rietmole,
Account manager at Dijkstra Plastics

This bucket has helped Saint Gobain:


2.5 VK

Material PCR
To shape Square
Warranty closure
IML Printing
Net content 2,74 liter
Height 166 mm
Size 160 mm
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